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A new digital publication of the « Tactile Studies » collection, now free to download from the App Store.

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Albinus — A tactile rendering of Albinus’ anatomical atlas is the second digital publication conceived and produced by the atelier de Didactique visuelle at the HEAR.
This digital publication provides an in-depth look at a splendid eighteenth-century anatomical atlas that is on reserve in the Bibliothèque de Médecine et Odontologie de la Faculté de Médecine de Strasbourg (Library of Medicine and Odontology at the Strasbourg Medical School). You can browse through the work with the benefit of numerous interactive functions that use the complete range of media forms: drawings, photography, video, sound, and 3D modelling.
For example, you can: dissect the models by sliding your finger across the screen; look beneath the skin of a peculiar rhinoceros and follow its path; identify the plants that bring the setting to life. This publication creates a playful approach to publicly inaccessible work through additional commentary from renowned specialists and the inclusion of numerous documents found in the City of Strasbourg’s archives.



Students of the atelier
de Didactique visuelle

Cédric Boulanger, Benoît Ciarlo,
Hélène Cormenier,  Ambre Langlois,
Élodie Martini, Marie Passereau,
Clément Tingry